By involving us early in planning and construction we can ensure the systems will pass the tests required by code.  

Identify location of buried radiant heating pipes or ducts  and locate leaks.

A nondestructive method to quickly and easily determine the source of water infiltration.

Air Leakage

Duct Leakage

Blower door testing for new construction and remodeling. Ventilation assessment reports.

By being able to test total leakage or leakage to outdoors, we significantly increasing your odds of passing for code.

Infrared  HVAC Inspections

Airsealing & Duct 


Infrared Water 

​​Verify performance of exhaust fans, HRVs, ERVs, or whole house ventilation systems.

Most building codes now require performance testing of HVAC ductwork and building envelope air tightness. We offer testing and consultation to ensure you meet the requirements such as the 2009 or later International Energy Conservation Code IECC.